Nest short cycling with common wire

A furnace “short cycles” when it turns off before reaching the desired temperature. This means that if your thermostat is set to 72 degrees, the furnace may shut down at 65 or 68 degrees, but will never reach 72 degrees. Short cycling can also be used to describe a furnace that turns on and off too often. Most furnaces will turn on and run.

Nest Thermostat E - Short Cycle Issue. My A/C runs for about 5 minutes and turns off. Here is my current equipment/wire and previous wiring from my old thermostat. Any info on a possible fix would be greatly appreciated. Details. Nest Thermostats, iOS device, Google Nest Device. Instead, a short jumper wire connects two thermostat terminals together. This is fairly common on the Rh and Rc terminals.. Nest thermostats don't use jumper wires. Nest thermostat connectors are built so that only one wire can be inserted into each connector. Putting more than one wire into a Nest thermostat connector can damage your system. Nest 3rd gen heater short cycling WITH common wire Hi guys I have 2 furnaces with the same problem. Both of them have 5 wires, RH, C, W1, Y1 & G all connected and appear to be keeping the thermostats charged. When I run my heater, It turns off after about 10 minutes saying "delayed" then it comes back on again.





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It’s normal for the pump to cycle on and off. Your heat pump should stay on for about 10 to 15 minutes before turning off. When it runs too often, this is known as “short cycling”- it can’t keep your home at the right temperature in this state. You’re experiencing short cycling if the system shuts down for a short amount of time, then.

It converted my 4 wires to 5 wires without running any additional wire. Followed YouTube instructions. Took me about good 15 minutes to get up and running. Must have for all nest users with 4 wires. You DO need C wire to run it properly. Update: Using G wire as C, compares to this kit, the voltage in nest drops from 3.94 to 3.92.