Shortwave radio stations near washington

High-frequency radio waves travel in straight lines and don't work beyond the visual horizon of approximately 40 miles. However, the low frequencies can propagate over a large area, sometimes an entire continent or beyond. Shortwave radios can pick up the frequencies within a particular range.

Broadcast shortwave radio is not always archived for long at the station, so finding sound bites from interesting historical events can be difficult. We know that songs are of course recorded, but talk back radio, discussions in between music, news readings, weather updates, ads and pirate radio are all lost over time. Although these things may seem mundane now, future.

Jim Creek Naval Radio Station is a United States Navy very low frequency (VLF) radio transmitter facility at Jim Creek near Oso, Washington. The primary mission of this site is to communicate orders one-way to submarines of the Pacific fleet. Radio waves in the very low frequency band can penetrate seawater and be received by submerged ....




Shortwave radios let you listen in to music, news and other broadcasts around the world. Here are the best shortwave listening radios to buy. ... while also having a quality radio to listen to local AM/FM stations, Tecsun has you covered with this R-9012. For about $20, the R-9012 has a shortwave range from 3.9MHz to 21.85MHz, an AM range from. Aug 13, 2022 · MPT-1327 Standard. Washington State Department of Transportation. LTR MultiNet. Wiztronics Inc. NXDN NEXEDGE 4800..

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