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Using testing.T and testing separate units might be easier to understand. You could achieve pretty much the same thing by just calling initDB () in your test and making the initializer take an argument. func initDB(dbToUse string) { // ... db.Exec ( "USE " +dbToUse) } You would then call initDB ("test") from your main file and initDB ("test111.

The difference between Gorm v1 and Gorm v2. The first and the most prominent advantage of Gorm v2 is, you can actually close a connection using Close () method. There are different ways to work with external resources your application has no control over: A Short living connection, as in open, interact and close; A persistent connection;.





The id field however, is a uint, so you need to parse that string value to a uint value first, using strconv.ParseUint(c.Param("id"), 10, 32). - Thijs van der Heijden Jun 2 at 7:58.

옵션간 구분은 세미콜론(;)을 활용하며 콜론(:)을 이용하여 해당 옵션값을 전달할 수 있습니다. column은 실제 디비에서 사용할 컬럼을 의미합니다.

gorm性能优化. GORM 已经优化了许多东西来提高性能,其默认性能对大多数应用来说都够用了。但这里还是有一些关于如何为您的应用改进性能的方法。 禁用默认事务. 对于写操作(创建、更新、删除),为了确保数据的完整性,GORM 会将它们封装在事务内运行。.