Laser cutting speed and power chart

5.5 - 5.6 watt (5500 - 5600 mw)*. powerful diode laser attachment. Engraves on stone, glass and painted metals. Can cut 2-3 mm (1/8'') of wood and plywood with one pass. Can cut 4 mm (1/6'') of dark acrylic with one pass. A powerful tool for any 3D printer or CNC router. Compatible with most 3D printers and CNC machines.

Traditionally on CO2 laser cutting the focusing optics enable the laser beam to be focused into a single spot that is typically 0.2mm wide. It is critical that the focal lens is kept clean, as a dirty lens absorbs more laser energy, which in turn heats up the lens and deforms it – this, in turn, can lead to poor cut quality or in extreme cases cause the lens to explode. Laser Cutting. Laser Cutting: Titan Engineering can provide laser cutting based upon specific customer requirements. Laser cutting titanium sheets to the customer specifications and drawings is one of the many cutting options available to Titan Engineering customers. When the customer is looking for a part with a precise, clean, smooth.

How Speed Impacts Laser Cutting Performance. Laser cutting speed is generally determined by the average power level of the machine and does have a noticeable impact on performance, but this depends on a number of factors. The impact is influenced by material type and thickness, focal spot size, gas type and pressure, beam quality and nozzle shape.




[email protected] It seems very clear to me that a distribution company would want to target an audience that is at least already partly built, but the answers below imply Mar 10, 2021 Rezplast Mfg is always in search for new distributors with proven sales to promote, sell and distribute products manufactured. Distributor Wanted | Join The RoadPacker Group Global Distribution. The OMTECH Laser system allows you to cut many types of material, including acrylic. Whether you're just beginning to experiment with your machine, or you've been creating for years, the cutting chart below can serve as a handy reference when cutting acrylic on your OMTECH. Acrylic is one of the best materials you can experiment with on your laser.

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Engineering. Laser cutter setting. Ng Mark. Follow. Maker Coach at Singapore Polytechnic. 1. EAS 4ftx2ft 70W Laser Cutting Speed Chart Material Thickness Power (%) Speed (mm/sec) Acrylic 15 mm 100 1 12 mm 100 1.4 10.